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Monday, July 11, 2011

Kids on the Lam

Here I am with one of "The Boys" from our cashmere goat herd.

Looks sweet doesn't he? You'd never know he was a fugitive from the Law. A kid on the lam. A rebel on the run... Scary, but true.

Leroy and I got home from running errands this weekend and found an ominous, but official notice on our front gate warning us that our "livestock had been found on the road. Future incidents would be met with possible impoundment and fines." signed sincerely, your local County Sheriff's deputy. "P.S. We have returned them to you this time, and closed your gate."

Hello?! Leroy and I exchanged theater-caliber glances filled with all the "What???????????" we could muster. Then we proceeded through our gate, down the lane, around the pond and smack-dab into a herd of horses, that, by the way, were not ours. Granted it was a small herd, only 5 head, but definitely not ours.

And just past the house, snug in their locked-up-tight compound, "the boys" looked on with innocent interest while their mama's bleated desparately for their babies to stand back from the fence. Stranger-Danger, and all that.

Rest assured, the Sheriff's office was called and all was straightened out in a matter of hours. The Houdini herd of horses had slipped through a neighboring fence and the "kind, but completely confused" deputy thought they must be ours, because, well, your front gate was open and that's how they must have escaped. As I ponder that logic, it occurs to me that "escape" usually entails getting out of a closed gate, but respect for authority prohibited me from pointing that out.

All in all, it was an eventful weekend. And, you may wonder what that has to do with mom. Really nothing, except maybe a distraction from the rigors of cancer treatment. I just somehow felt compelled to share our close brush with the law in the hopes of encouraging other lost souls.

Hang in there, the truth will come out! "The Boys" are enjoying their short stint of notoriety. But they really are sweet, don't let them fool ya!


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