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Monday, September 29, 2014

2 Announcements and a Thank You...

First, the Thanks...

It bubbles up each and every time I receive your notes and emails... Gratitude Overflows... These past 3 years so many have written, and all have touched a heartcord deep within.

I know this pancreatic cancer journey is hard.  I know the hurt you are feeling.  And still you write.  I am beyond humbled to read your words.

There is a desperate cry  from the newly diagnosed, there is wisdom from the warriors in the trenches, there is the anguish from those struggling with loss.  And always there is the connection...

Pancreatic Cancer.

It is a tie that would strangle, except for the extraordinary human spirit.  I have been encouraged over and over by your words of hope, of grace...

And one of those words I keep hearing is... Facebook... Truly!   Questions sift in, Are you on Facebook?  Do you have a Facebook page?

Facebook.  A place where those facing the most daunting of diagnoses can gather together and share their grief, their fight, their hope with each other.  It would be so much easier, a sweet friend suggested, if we could follow you on Facebook... and so I explored, researched and stumbled around in cyber-space for an eon or two...

I am happy to report that Pancreatic Cancer Journey is now on Facebook.  Me, being computer-tech-challenged to the nth degree, I have created a Facebook page.  How awesomely huge is that?

You can link to the page right here...

Pancreatic Cancer Journey Facebook Page!

As always, it is completely a work in progress.

And for those not in the facebook loop, no worries.  The blog continues as well as the website.   But the Facebook page offers a place for all who would like to comment, to meet each other, interact and share their stories in real time.  I'm still figuring out all the intricacies, but I believe we're up and running and with each post, please feel invited to share your thoughts, your experience, your questions and your encouragement.

Because, truly, your encouragement has been a beacon of hope to me.  It needs to be shared, the blessing can only multiply outward and touch others struggling hard.  That is grace extended... I can only murmur thank you to each one for the grace you have poured over mom and me during this journey.

You are a gift.  Don't ever doubt it.

And so, the second announcement isn't that awesome, but is sure kind of crazy... It's time for the 31 Day Challenge.  Again.  Am I crazy enough to try it?  Seriously... crazy.  But yes, I will be joining The Nester and her group once again this October to post every day on a topic I'm crazy about...

Last year we offered 31 Days of Grace for the Caregiver.

Might you guess what this year's topic will be? Smiling Grace over your guesses...

Join me October 1st and see what crazy looks like :-)

Simply love you all,

Friday, September 26, 2014

Make a Difference!

Intentionally Living Well leads to a Life Well Lived...

Go Slow.  Offer Grace.
Be the Difference to Someone who Needs you Today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Little Dozers, Big Infernos and the summer that slipped away...

The first day of fall?


Shut the front door... Summer is officially over.   And it obviously happened when I wasn't looking, or paying attention.  Which has been pretty much my life lately.

I think it must have something to do with sweating out all the heaven-help-us,
100-plus-degree summer days clearing brush at the lake... yes, I'm pretty sure that and the 2-story bonfire of said brush roasted all my brain cells.

So, to catch everyone up...

Last December, we sold the farm.

This June we bought the lake place.

Since then we've been spending every spare minute dreaming (and sweating) and working on our new, very humble, almost can imagine it, homestead... that's my way of saying that we don't have a house yet. or water. or electricity... yet.

But we have cleared the trees!  And have a driveway. Sort of...

Would you like to see?

Ok, so these aren't the prettiest (unless you're a manly man and really, really like tearing things up with chainsaws and little dozers and then burning it all to the ground...)

But, the thing I'm learning about dreams is that they're kind of messy and definitely sweaty... and oh so hard.  And very, very, absolutely, most assuredly worth every blister, thorn, burn and skinned knee...

Stay with me... There will be pretty eventually. (We promise!)

And since it is actually the first day of fall.  Here's a perfectly perfect picture to end this dramatic and sweaty post :-)

Ok, now I'm ready to go pumpkin-pickin' and plant my mums...
May you enjoy the splendid beauty of autumn's advent, dear ones.
My Love,

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Remembering...


So, so true... our journey is taking us down the road of memories these past weeks.  The loss is still sharp, but the remembering brings sharing, the sharing brings smiles and the smiles lift our hearts...

For any on this grief journey, you know too well the weight of the memories.  Praying yours are truly a gift, bringing peace to shattered dreams, and hope to your hurting hearts...

Might your weekend bring unexpected moments of joy
along the remembering road,
My Love, Jane