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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Gerson Therapy

As I have researched Alternative Pancreatic Cancer Treatments, one of the therapies I run across often is The Gerson Therapy.

It is not available in the United States and is also not well received by the physicians in the US.  During mom's pancreatic cancer journey we never even heard of the Gerson Therapy, so understandably, mom did not have any experience with this particular treatment.

However, having said that, I feel honor-bound to offer it as a viable option for those seeking alternative options to battle their pancreatic cancer.

The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment, and does not rely on dangerous chemotherapy drugs for it's curative benefits.  The proponents of this therapy say it is designed to activate the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements.

Check out this informative page for a basic, easy-to-understand run-down on the Gerson Therapy. 

Could it really be possible to heal the body of pancreatic cancer?  Heal it through a return to a truly healthful, plant-based diet?

Almost sounds to good to be true, doesn't it?  (Hence, my skepticism...hmmmm)

It also is a viable option in my opinion because it does not appear to cause any harm (even if it doesn't cure the cancer).  When mom was considering alternative treatments, her one comment was "first do no harm."  I believe she was very cautious about alternative medicine because so many treatments actually can cause more harm than the disease.

The Gerson Therapy was developed by a German doctor, Max Gerson.  He used a special diet regimen to treat tuberculosis patients and had good success.  When he moved to the United States he gradually began to treat more and more cancer patients that came to him after all traditional treatments had failed.  Slowly he perfected the Gerson Therapy and if the stories are to be believed, he has had tremendous success curing patients of many cancers, including even pancreatic cancer.

He was challenged repeatedly by the traditional medical establishment in the United States and was ultimately shut down here in the States.  His work continues on thru his daughter, Charlotte Gerson and there are 2 inpatient clinics licensed to practice the full Gerson Therapy:  one in Mexico and one in Hungary.

These clinics are not cheap, nor are the treatments usually covered by standard insurance programs.

As I researched the Gerson Therapy, I understandably found the critics... reports that the Gerson Therapy was nothing more than good old-fashioned quackery.

I found one website devoted to analyzing the claims of alternative treatments and they had also researched the Gerson Therapy...  Their findings were somewhat disappointing and inconclusive. And in 2010, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) declared they could find no evidence of usefulness for the Gerson diet. You can read here to see their entire report.

Our website has received a lot of mail through the past 3 years.  Interestingly enough, we have only received 1 note about the Gerson Therapy...

Have you ever heard of the Gerson Therapy? My father was diagnosed December 2011 with pancreatic cancer (4.2 cm X 2.7 cm in the head) which had also spread to the stomach (2.4 cm X 1.7 cm), wrapped around themain veins, 3 lesions in the lungs (0.6 cm each).  He was given 5-7 months and in 8 months the stomach and lung tumors were gone and themain tumor had reduced in size!  He is still doing the diet.  It is the only therapy that has cured pancreatic cancer with patients living cancer free 20+ years later.  Ashley

This testimony would be the only personal experience we have had with the Gerson Therapy.  It would be my earnest prayer that this treatment does indeed work as well as Ashley shares.

If you Google the Gerson Therapy you will come across many, many opinions.  Some positive, some negative...

There are two stories that I found had some merit worth mentioning.

One is an interview with a Pancreatic Cancer Survivor named Kay.  Her story is interesting for many reasons and I would encourage you to watch the whole video interview below.  Kay was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer and underwent months of traditional treatment including several types of chemotherapy.  Her introduction to the Gerson Therapy was through the insistence of a freind.

Here is her story:

The second is a journal kept by Jess Ainscough.  She shares honestly and very eloquently about her 2 year journey with the Gerson Therapy.

Jess doesn't suffer from pancreatic cancer...her cancer is a rare form of skin cancer called epithelioid sarcoma.  When doctors told her the only chance to survive was surgery and aggressive chemotherapy, she began her research and ended up at the Gerson Institute.  But even though her cancer is not pancreatic, her story is worth reading to get an idea of what the actual therapy is like at the Gerson Clinic and what the demanding routine will entail.

These are just a few of the positive reviews for the Gerson Therapy.  There are just as many negative reviews.

Do I know for certain that the Gerson Therapy will work for you?

Sadly, no... That is the hardest part about this journey.  It seems to work for some, if the above stories are to be believed.  But these cancer survivors are quick to remind us that it doesn't work for everyone...

If you are considering using The Gerson Therapy to treat your pancreatic cancer, there are a few things you should consider...

First of all, it does not mean a complete break from all traditional treatments.  The Gerson Therapy does allow radiation therapy in conjunction with treatment, if the radiation is used appropriately and judiciously.

However, the Gerson Institute has said that chemotherapy must NOT be used during the Gerson Therapy.  Nor do they feel the therapy is as effective on pancreatic cancers after being treated with chemotherapy (although Kay's story above seems to dispute always know that one person's results are not necessarily the standard in treatment successes...)

Perhaps this is one of the most critical reasons I have felt the need to write this series on Mapping the's so important to look at all your options before you make crucial decisions on a treatment plan for your pancreatic cancer.  Determining what type of treatment you will pursue affects each succeeding step you take.

The Gerson Therapy... Another option in the fight to find a cure for pancreatic cancer.  Because we need options in this very deadly fight.  Traditional treatments have a well-documented, but distressingly dismal track record in offering hope for the pancreatic cancer patient.  Is it any wonder that we are continually searching for a better way?!

Journeying forward in Hope and Battling through in Grace, Always,

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Unfortunately Gerson has not worked for either Jess Ainscough or her mother.