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Saturday, March 21, 2015

There's this Tree...

Majestic old Cedar... gracing the field along our lake place...

Sun gilds it gold in the afternoon sun.
Graceful limbs bow down low...

And we think we have fallen just a smidgen in love with this old tree...
Not in the Tree-Hugger kind of way, 
not that there's anything wrong with hugging trees of course...


There is something timeless about her vigil there along the path.

A vigil that our BullDozer man wasn't overly excited about.
As a matter of fact, he was ready to doze her down on several occasions.

We just kept saying no... leave her there.

But that old tree's in the way, he said, a junk tree out here in the pasture...

Shaking our heads, we don't care, insistence dogged our words.
We like her there.

BullDozer man rolls his eyes and points out the scars...

That old tree is weak, will probably blow down in the next storm,
Let me take it out now and save you the trouble of cleaning up the mess.

We walk around her, see where she's faced a battle or two...


We run our hands over the splintered wood, feel the storm.

BullDozer man is right, she has her scars...
But he's wrong about her being weak.

Lightning and wind have left their mark, but she holds her place right where she stands.

Damaged limbs re-learn to dance and graze the earth on their way back up to the sun.
There is nothing weak in that kind of strength...

So, he agrees to leave her be... I think he was mumbling, shrugging, swore I heard something about those crazy Tree Huggers... smile... and every time I drive past those swaying, ever-green branches, my heart sings, just a bit...

In life, each of our lives, there are storms...
We weather them the best we can.

The winds of fear beat us down, the bolts of searing pain leave us damaged.

We can still choose to stand...
and lift our broken hands up to the Son in persistent faith.

The light of Grace makes us strong to withstand even the fiercest storm.

"But he said to me,
'My grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness.'
Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness,
so that Christ's power may rest on me."
                                                 II Corin. 12:9

If the storms of cancer have wreaked havoc in your life, may you find this to be so very true... His Grace is always, always sufficient for our needs...  This very weakness we wrestle with is a vessel to showcase His mighty power... the scars become beautiful when turned to the light of the Son.

Lifting you up, dear one, praying for the faith that moves mountains and gives peace that holds you close...

In Grace Always,

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let it Snow...

It's a regular Winter Wonderland out here in North Texas!

Not often we see Snow around these parts, let alone in March!  For a precious few moments the world is stilled, wiped clean... pure and white... 

Schools are closed, businesses shut down... because... this is Texas.  And 2 inches of snow really freak us out!  So we find ourselves with a day to just enjoy time together.  My favorite kind of time.... treasuring the unexpected gift!

Be safe, stay warm... Praying for moments of cherished time with those you love this day...

My Love,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We Have Water!

... and we have SNOW!

But, first the WATER!  Our well digging team has been hard at work these past few weeks...

And maybe, just maybe the water is kind of gray...What's up with that?!

Not to worry, all is well... just found out we were drilling through the shale layer... (thank goodness, was very nervous for a minute).  But our fabulous well team:

hit pay dirt... clean, cold water... this week past!

Our job now is to run the well 3-4 hours at a time over the next few days to clear the sediment that drilling stirred up.  Easy-Peasy!

Except for the snow... and ice... in Texas... in March!


 But we were able to sneak in a little painting on the one good day we've had! Which is really great because our fabulous well team covered the well head pump:

with this questionably beautiful, but fully functional metal cover:

 And ya'll I like Blue just fine... but Camo is so much better out here in the sticks!

Oh, and the well water holding tank?  We slide it into the Rail Container for safe keeping!  

When we get ready to run water lines to the house we're all set.  And one of these days there will be a house!  I might have mentioned before that time in the country moves SLOW...  But, oh, so worth the wait!

Next up, the septic system.  I'm sure everyone's as excited as we are!  Spring come soon and melt all this snow and ice... we're ready for some Blue Skies and Sunshine...

Bundling up in Grace,   Always,