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Friday, November 23, 2018

A Thanksgiving Blessing!

We're Home!  And Happily Exhausted from our trip across Europe...  Just in time for Thanksgiving feasting!

And plenty of rowdy family fun... Poppy was surrounded by the happiest of grandkids and great-grands.

That was Thanksgiving Blessing.

Gratitude in Abundance for the love shared around this big family table!

And the trip?  That amazing retirement celebration trip??  It was everything we could have imagined... and yes!  There are pictures!  ;-)

We started in Paris, France and after exploring this beautiful city, we headed to the beaches of Normandy...

Such a poignant journey,
remembering each one who fought for our freedoms.
 that June day...
The moments spent here will forever be etched in our hearts.

Then we traveled through beautiful Luxembourg on our way to the Viking Hild, our home away from home!

Gorgeous scenery as we sailed down the Moselle and Rhine Rivers...

Touring old castles...

And visiting charming old villages!

Oh, and did I mention the Cathedrals??

The architecture, the ancient breath of whispered prayers,
 the Holiness of these places...

Then there were the quaint town squares and charming sidewalk cafes!

Which led to pastries and chocolate! 

I may have slipped into a chocolate coma once or twice, just sayin'
Melt in your mouth delicious!

Our journey ended in Switzerland, where we hiked the Swiss Alps... truly a highlight of our trip!

We hiked to the base of the Eiger North face and searched for the Eiger glacier through the fog bank... it seemed hopeless...
But then in the blink of an eye, the fog lifted and we stared speechless at the beauty before us.

This trip was filled with joy.
What a marvelous way to kick off the next chapter in our lives!
Retirement, here we come!

First job... Laundry! Lol!

Love to each,