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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Does the Ketogenic Diet Live up to all the Hype?

It's a New Year... and in our neck of the woods there are more resolutions being made than you can shake a stick at... and most of them include some form of the word "diet."  It's true!  We always end the holidays in a sugar coma, ready to get healthy in the New Year!

And for many, that diet will be some variation of the Ketogenic Diet.  It has made a big splash in the Health and Nutrition world this past year.

The Ketogenic Diet is not new to those looking for an alternative Cancer Nutritional weapon.  We've had our eye on it for several years now as a potential aid in the cancer fight, sharing about it here and here and here...

We've held on to Hope that it might be that breakthrough for those in treatment for pancreatic cancer.  And Clinical Trials have also put muscle in to that fight.

But... the truth is that the Ketogenic Diet has not lived up to all the hype.

Chris Wark shares the results so much better than I could here at The Evidence Against the Ketogenic Diet.

In a nutshell, the Ketogenic plan is a diet composed of no carbohydrates, high fats and moderate amounts of protein.  It is designed to put your body into ketosis, which helps a person lose weight...

And it was a diet everyone hoped would be able to starve out the cancer cells and turn the tide on this all out war again pancreatic cancer.

Chris outlines study after study that refutes the basic premise of that hope.

The Ketogenic diet not only did not cure any cancers, it actually sped up some cancer growth in a 2017 research study.

In December of 2018, a comprehensive study determined that the Ketogenic diet in cancer therapy largely failed to prove survival prolonging effects.

And that is a very discouraging update for the first of this year... and that's the truth.

Rather than chasing after fad diets and crazy trends,we find ourselves coming back to the Whole-Food, Plant-Based diet over and over again.  And that is entirely Encouraging... for weight loss, for health benefits... and for New Year's Resolutions!

Always conscious of the responsibility we bear on this journey together.  Please, please consult with your medical team before embarking on any nutritional or dietary change.

It is our Hope to find the tools with which best to fight this nightmare of a cancer.  One day soon we will be rejoicing with loved ones over cancers cured... And that is the heartbeat of this girl's heart, my New Year's wish and fervent prayer!

My Love,

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