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Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Country Wedding...

The gloomy days of February just got a little brighter...

This weekend past, family and friends were welcomed to celebrate 
Love's vows, sweet and true.

Our beautiful niece found her Prince Charming!

The wedding was a time for smiles and joy... 
and a selfie with a sweet grandgirl!

And perhaps, best of all, Poppy was able to make it!

Dad's health has been precarious these last few months,
but, oh, so precious to have him here for this celebration of Love...
we don't take one minute for granted!

grateful to escape the "Deep Freeze" for a day or two!

And there was cake!
Does it get any better??

We love you Amanda and Joey!

May God send Blessings in Abundance on you both as you
begin your journey together...

Hope and Grace abound in New Beginnings!
Rejoicing with Love today,


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