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Sunday, May 10, 2020

This Mother's Day...

Falling somewhere into the in-between today...

Celebrating with joy a mother's day that finds my heart full, watching our family grow and flourish... a son and daughter who bring delight to this mama and the grand-babies that absolutely light up my days.

And in the middle of the joy, a quiet tug pulls me to the world of remembrance, an ache in the same full heart, a missing for Mom that draws my attention to the memories that fight for the joy on a day like today...

Her generous kindnesses. her contagious laugh, her mouth-watering pot roast dinners, those crazy-perfect girls-getaway trips, the warmth of her hug, her very presence in a room, that smile, her hand on mine... oh, my heart...

She is still so missed.  And I'm learning that days like today are okay.  We're somehow falling into the in-between.

A sweet celebration that's quieter now, a joy that is richer for the love we've known, a day of remembering the moms that are no longer with us, tears mingling with the smiles..

We're living this Mother's Day with a foot in the past and a heart tugging us into the future.

It is our new normal... our life in-between... the deep heritage of our past mixed with the legacy-living work of the now, pointing us surely into the overwhelming beauty of our tomorrows.

May you feel held close this day... no matter where you are in this journey.

Happy Mother's Day with Love,

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