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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

 2020 can just stop.  It seems that every time we turn around more bad news piles up.

Devastating Wildfires scorching homes and hearts.

Destructive Volcanoes and Earthquakes rattling our peace.

Pandemics and Fear squeezing the breath right out of us.

Quarantines and Suffering continuing to haunt.

So many plans that were abruptly changed or cancelled... the weddings, the birthdays... the trips, the visits... and funerals that hung in limbo for much too long. 

The world stood still while our heartaches mounted.

Yesterday we were served yet again another dose of bad news.  Hard news.  News that we perhaps knew was coming, but nevertheless caught us off guard.

Alex Trebek lost his long battle with pancreatic cancer this weekend past.

And it made my heart falter a bit when I heard the news.

Alex Trebek felt like a friend.  We invited him into our home every evening after supper and he never failed to entertain...and educate us!

His charm and dry wit and kindness on the long-time set of Jeopardy has been a staple in our lives for decades, passed down from our parents... I can remember a sweet Mother-in-law who loved his show and could pose questions to his answers faster than we could look them up on google!

We have followed his pancreatic cancer journey with hope as he passed the dreaded 3-6 month prognosis and then a year, and 18 months... we dared to believe he would be one of the few who beat this cancer and could pave the way for others to find a treatment that worked.

Our hearts go out to his family and friends who loved him well.

He will be mssed by so many.

Mike Richards, the executive producer of Jeopardy, shared his thoughts in a touching tribute last night before Alex Trebek's final Jeopardy episode series began.

"He loved this show and everything it stood for.  In fact, he filmed his final episodes less than two weeks ago.  He will forever be an inspiration for his constant desire to learn, his kindness and for his love of his family."

And now, he will also be the face of hope to all those fighting this deadly disease.

He chose to meet his cancer head-on and through his transparent, honest updates, he has encouraged all of us to stand up and do something about this cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer research is one of the least funded cancers and the 5-year survival rate is dismally still in the single digits. That needs to change, and Alex was determined to use his platform to make a difference.

With his death, the torch has been passed to us.

We can and must make a difference for all those in the fight of their lives...
Pancreatic Cancer does not get the final say.

During an interview earlier this year, Alex Trebek said his final sign-off will be a significant moment for him, sharing these parting words,

"And until we meet again, God bless you and goodbye."

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