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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Little Red Fox

Little Red Fox visiting the Schraceo Farm for Sunday Brunch!

It's the Law of Nature. First it was snakes, now it's foxes! You remove one predator and another quickly takes its place! Little Henny is in constant peril!!

This gorgeous fox brazenly appeared in our backyard Sunday morning. And she is definitely looking with longing at the chicken coop! So, what's a farm girl to do?

Set up a big 'ol live trap that's what! And bait it with canned cat food. So far we've caught lots of ants and one, angry raccoon! Fortunately for little Miss Attitude, I can't shoot cute, fuzzy animals. She got the catch and release treatment! And not even a thank you as she scampered down into the brush at Deep Creek Bridge. Tomorrow maybe we'll outfox the fox - one never knows...

But now, really, on to more important updates! Mom continues to improve and is recovering nicely from the gall bladder surgery. Meals are so much more fun when you can enjoy them! She still has to keep portions small and watch her fat intake, but over all much improved. Her energy is best in the morning and takes a slide in the afternoon, but she's able to be out and about, and that beats laying on the couch hands down.

She has an appointment with Dr. Davis tomorrow morning. After blood work and check-up, we believe he'll start her back on the Gemzar chemo. Will update on the medical front sometime Friday. Between now and then, mom is focused on relaxing and enjoying summertime in Texas (in the air-conditioning)!

Sincerely, Trapper Jane

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