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Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday was Mom's 71st Birthday!  


Can I just start by saying how absolutely wonderful you all are?! Truly, mom was honored and her day brightened immensely by your many words of love and sweet well-wishes. If you could have only watched her read your notes while sitting in the chemo chair!

It was like you were right there with her. And it was quite a party!! I only wish you could have enjoyed the Birthday Kolaches.

They were particularly scrumptious! I felt kind of like a room mother; you know, when the birthday rolls around you bring cupcakes for all the kids in class? Well, we brought Kolaches (a yummy czeck pastry) for all the nurses and chemo patients.  Give us a reason, and we can make a party out of it!! And I think celebrating this birthday was reason enough!

All in all, mom had a wonderful day. If you put doctor visits, chemotherapy and urn shopping on your birthday wish list.  Yes, mom and dad had another memorial park they wanted to visit after chemo was finished!  On your Birthday I ask?!  Yes, she replies, what's wrong with that?!  Mental head shake me...  Anyway, this time we visited Rolling Oaks Memorial Park and received a tour of their funeral home and columbarium.

Beautiful facility...

Inside and Out....

And they had the most unique columbarium niches made entirely of glass....

These niches truly were memorials to the loved one.  A beautiful tribute filled with personal mementos, pictures and notes.  Mom and Dad both were intrigued with the possibilities.  And to some, this might seem very counter-intuitive; to be planning a funeral while fighting the cancer.  It reeks of just giving up.  And that's so not the case.  Mom is fighting this battle with every weapon available, but she's also a practical soul and desires to have her affairs in order should the unthinkable come to pass.  I'm starting to be okay with talking about funerals and cremation and things, but when the funeral director asked if we wanted to see the cremation witness room I admit to hyperventilating just a bit.  So, I'm not as okay with things as I thought...  Still working on it.

And all on Mom's 71st Birthday.  So glad we had a nice dinner planned for the evening with a few close friends and family.  Now, that's more like it.

Great food...

Great Gifts...

And Great Company...

A time to rejoice in a special day with a very special woman!

To celebrating many more special days with you mom! You're not done party-planning yet!

Love you bunches, Jane

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