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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Echoes of Farewell

On the eve of a brand new day that heralds a sweet new beginning, we lay to rest the year past.  A year so full of hope that our loss seems all the more wrenching.

We have watched as the seasons have grown long into winter this past year and the leaves have burnished with the beauty of age.  Mom's days moved in amazing synchronity with nature's journey, a dizzying dance slowing to uneven steps and final breaths even as spring's greening withered on the trees and blew away in the cold grey of winter's bite.

The barren branches swaying outside the window mimic the places in our hearts where her life echoes a vibrant joy.  As we close this year, I realize it is truly a farewell to mom.  She will not be here to greet the New Year with us, nor any of the years to come.  The grandchildren yet to be born will never know her smile, or soft touch, nor will the ones to marry hear her words of love and congratulations.  The ache sometimes is overwhelming.

But there is Hope, for Winter's rest leads to the gracious unfurling of new life.  These dark days will not last forever, of this I am sure.   As we remember her memorial service we honor her life and a journey well-traveled.   Beauty awaits just around the bend.

It is my prayer as we move forward from this place, that the darkness and pain will be winnowed as the chaff from the grain, leaving only the joy and love of her memory to comfort us.  The New Year will bring joy and laughter and love...

Out of our Darkness,
        Come Thou Blessed Light....
              Illuminate the Path Laid out Before us,
                    Leading us to a Place of Warmth and Peace and Hope...

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