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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Our Lake Place Update... 2018

Here's our annual State of the Union address from the Lake... {smile}

The Satterwhite Log Home crew rode in, transformed that pile of logs into a house and left in a record 18 days!  

Then it was our turn!  Yikes!  Time to finish out the interior... it may be taking us a tad longer than 18 days! Lol!

But never fear, we're making progress!  Slow progress, but it's progress!!  2018 saw the completion of so many projects!  And there are pictures... of course!

When the log crew left, the first job was to get that roof shingled!

The view from the top isn't bad...
That's Lake Texoma in the distance.

Next up... cleaning the construction debris and salvaging what we could use for future projects and burning the rest ;-)

Inside work began soon after the Satterwhite crew left... the Plumber came in for the Stack Out Phase.  He'll be back when it's time to install the sinks, tubs, toilets and hot water heater.  For now, things are roughed into place.

Alongside the plumber, came the electrical wiring...

And one of my favorite projects... the Gable Windows!
Satterwhite's homes come with all doors and windows,
except for the custom windows.
We chose Red River glass for the Gables and couldn't be happier!
Love, Love, Love!

And in the midst of all that construction mess,
one of our fall blooming Irises graced us with this beauty!

Staining the concrete floors was next...
who knew it would be so hard to pick a color!

The winner was Loden and the helpers were just the best!  Couldn't have done it without you!
(Thank you for not shooting me on the spot... back breaking work times ten!)

But the results... Love!

Next up... the spray foam insulation... when it was all said and done it felt like we were standing inside a big, white, fluffy marshmallow!  Lol!

Once the logs were in place, it was crucial to get them cleaned, preserved and sealed quickly.
We chose to keep the clean, light look of the wood and used a clear sealer on the inside, each log was sanded, wiped down and then brushed with primer and sealer...
Remember how hard dreams can be?  Yes!
But so very worth the wait!

And once the inside walls were sealed, it was on to the outside!
Here we are, the fabulous Exterior Log Wall cleaning crew...
time to scrub those logs and get them ready for the staining and chinking!

Cami was quite suspicious of the water and the hoses...
never could convince her to join us!

But this little helper was the best...

And then after working so hard, she decided we needed a selfie...
Scrunch down, she said!  
Love her happy little soul we do!

Another decision time... picking stain colors...
And the winner is... Stone Gray!

Two coats, sprayed on and brushed in.

Then came the chinking...
We chose the Smoky Mountain log profile from Satterwhite.  This log comes with a scribed chinking line.  After staining the logs, the chinking is then painted on.  We get the look, as well as the tight, secure log wall we need.  Perfect! 

And finally, the clear coat sealer!  
Hallelujah!  Exterior log walls are done!! Yay!

But not so fast... the cedar trim is just waiting for its turn!
Time for staining of all the cedar trim...
Now we're done with the Exterior work!

Next project was the kitchen cabinetry.
We ordered the cabinets from Ikea and they arrived...
unassembled... in 88 boxes!
Farmer husband had a moment... but he is so patient with my dreams!
{Love him to pieces}

Cami gave up after an hour and found herself a box to nap in... grin

Ta Da!  One down, only ten to go!

Add in a little white shiplap and the kitchen is starting to come together!

While the kitchen was taking shape, the Hvac crew was busy setting the furnace and all the ductwork...

Our next project was interior trim for the doors and windows.
Each piece was cut to fit, edges routered smooth, and sanded,
then the meticulous job of priming and sealing began!

Worth every minute once they were all in place...
It's beginning to look like a real home!

One of the things we were most excited about was the woodstove...
we got it installed just in time for the Christmas festivities!
We not only love the look, but also the warmth...
that little stove can heat the whole cabin!

It's starting to look like a real house...
Landscaping is slated for this Spring!
Can't wait!

Whewww!  We have done a lot this last year!
Sometimes in the middle of the hard and the sweat,
you lose sight of the ground gained!

We haven't moved in yet... there's still much to do, but the projects are a joy to this dreamer.  One day soon we will cross the threshold and call it home!

Ceilings of sunny aspen and magnificent concrete countertops are up next... Stay tuned!

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