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Thursday, April 5, 2018

FlaxSeedOil2 Forum

The FlaxSeedOil2 Forum could really be called the "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Budwig Diet Protocol."  It is an amazing resource!  Last month David shared about his journey with pancreatic cancer  and one of the treatment decisions he has made is to follow the Budwig Diet protocol.  He mentioned the FlaxSeedOil2 forum on yahoo and here is how to access the wealth of information on this dedicated forum...

Click here at FlaxSeedOil2 to check them out.  It is free to join the group, just click on the + Join Group and enter your information.  The members are amazingly generous with encouragement, information and support.

FlaxSeedOil2 is owned and moderated by Sandra Olson.  From their group description she shares:

   "The purpose of this group is to stop cancer and other health problems through the discussion of Dr. Johanna Budwig's Diet and Protocol and compatible treatments. Members give personal experiences and information for educational purposes. This should not be taken as medical advice. If medical advice is needed, it should be sought from those who are qualified. Everyone is responsible for their own choices.

FlaxSeedOil2 is one of the best sources of reliable information on the Budwig Protocol..."

I have joined the group and found much to inspire.  In particular, the moderator clearly lays out the 15 Key Points of Dr. Budwig's Plan... it is easy to understand and is so very do-able.

The 15 Key Points are based on Dr. Budwig's books:

The Oil-Protein Cookbook


Cancer-the Problem and the Solution

In addition, Sandra offers a wealth of information at her website:

Budwig - Videos, Healing Recipes for Healthy Living

I encourage you to spend time exploring these resources.  In the name of transparency, there is a small fee to watch the videos, but if this is a protocol that speaks to you, I would be the first to say it is well worth it for the abundance of information and recipes the site provides.

As we navigate the minefield of pancreatic cancer, we find Hope in journeying together... sharing the good, praying through the bad, and above all offering Grace for the struggling.

David has found success in combining the Budwig Diet Protocol with his cancer treatment and urges all fellow cancer warriors to "inform yourself as much as possible - don't let your treatment happen to you - be in control - that's very calming."

There is power in knowledge... may these links offer more avenues of research and help guide your own treatment plan.  And as always, talk with your medical team before adding/changing anything in your therapy protocol!

So humbled to be walking out this journey with you,

In Grace, Always,

Monday, April 2, 2018

Pancreatic Cancer Update

Last month, we met David ... fellow cancer warrior, fighting a good fight.  He shared his journey with us, candidly and with Hope.  One of the principal therapies that he uses is the Budwig Diet protocol and he details that with positive results.  He also shared a number of valuable links that have also offered encouragement in the fight.

It's so good to welcome him back to share his latest Update:

April 1, 2018:

Hi, Here's an update on my status.  No real change, feel fine.  I passed 6 months since diagnosis (median death is 6 months).  Next target is 15 months, next after that 2 years - one week at a time.  From my point of view at least I will be learning and improving my self until the end whenever that may be.

Since I last wrote I have explored a few things to help improve and maintain my overall health

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
EFT is similar to acupuncture but using tapping rather than needles.  It is supposed to be a way to communicate with the subconscious. It can be used to treat phobias, PTSD, depression, anxiety, pain and many other things. It has been used effectively in veteran’s hospitals in the US to reduce symptoms of PTSD. I have just used it to cure a lifelong fear of heights - useful since I could easily measure the results (by bending over a 13th floor balcony at the hospital and looking straight down).  Surprisingly it worked - how I don’t know but I am trying to use it for more things. More controversially the claim is you can use it to improve energy flows in the body of Qi/Chi. The Chinese medical system TCM believes that blockages in the flow of Qi (electricity flows) are responsible for most illnesses. Does Qi exist – ask western doctor and they will be very sceptical – ask a Chinese doctor a lot less so and they often integrate TCM with western allopathic medicine. 

Qi Gong
Having been a long time runner and lately cyclist and one time rugby player, I have not been able to exercise since diagnosis except for gentle walks with my dogs and my fitness has declined. The feeling is the stress hormones released in hard exercise promote cancer growth. An alternative is Qi Gong (or Tai Chi similar) if you had asked me before I would and have rejected such options as being a bit weird and not very manly sort of embarrassing. I wouldn’t say any of those things now and will probably continue for the rest of my life. I have been learning some exercises. It’s based on slow repetitive slow movement stretching but it builds fitness, flexibility and strength without damaging joints – you don’t need a teacher just a decent book. So far doing about 25 min a day ( 6 exercises x8 – starting to get easier at first quite a lot of small pains which are always troubling but have gone now and I think were only due to stretching post-operative scars as well as underused muscles/tendons and ligaments.

Healing Art of Qi Gong   - Hong Liu / Paul Perry cost me a few dollars on Amazon is an interesting read written by a Chinese born doctor about his life which includes detailed descriptions of 8 general health promoting exercises. There are thousands.

Blood Tests

Blood Marker
Value - Normal Range 0 - 35
Oct 7th
Oct 22th
Nov 13th
Nov 28th
Dec 12th
Jan 5th
Feb 2th

So I have started using Qi Gong mainly as method of increasing electrical flow in the body but at least I will be fitter, have better balance and much more flexibility as for the rest it can’t do any harm. EFT has been beneficial and I have clear evidence it can work at least to some extent and the time involved is minimal. 

On the medical front the last blood test was a bit disappointing - cancer marker was back up but the doctor wasn’t that worried and didn’t suggest restarting chemo and I still have no symptoms. I have adjusted what I am doing more strictly to the Budwig protocol and feel very well and we shall see in another test in 5 weeks.



 Emotional Freedom Techniques – Paul Ardennes  - free for kindle

Qi Gong
Healing Art of Qi Gong   - Hong Liu / Paul Perry

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Gift

Only Jesus could build a Bridge to Heaven
with just two boards...

Rejoicing today in the Gift of New Life!