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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Standing Up to the Schoolyard Bully!

Vickie Girard nails it in her book There's No Place Like Hope:

"I have often thought of cancer as the schoolyard bully... the mere thought of him can send people running.  But all it takes to diminish his power is for a couple of people to stand up to him.  That's what a cancer success story does - it stares down the bully."

Love this!

If ever there was truth!  Pancreatic cancer is so the schoolyard bully.

And I love her statement because a cancer success story can break the bonds of that fear and panic.  It gives Hope, provides a way to carry the heavy load, lays the groundwork to walk our own cancer road.

Through the ages, families use their stories to pass down history, to impart their values, to share their visions in the hopes that their legacy will live on.

Stories also inspire.  A cancer success story does exactly that.

It is a sharing of common struggles, transforming the challenges into manageable bites.  Taking the sting out of the bully and bestowing a confidence and hope that is so badly needed during the battle.

Not everyone wants to relive the horrors of their time in the trenches... it is hard to recount the experience of fighting this particular cancer bully.  But those that do, those that are willing to share their stories seem to have one thing in common... a wanting to turn their private nightmare into a collective good.

A desire to redeem the pain and suffering and turn it too good.  A singular determination to continue helping those who follow after...

Over the years, we have heard from so many of these warrior heroes.  Their stories are preserved on our Tribute page... I am forever humbled by their strength, their invincible spirit... They are strong.  They are kind.  They are devoted.  They share Hope in a place where there is no Hope.  They are what is good in this world.

This week we'll be chasing down more success stories... There are Pancreatic Cancer survivors!  And they offer so much Hope. So much Inspiration.

A powerful reminder of the truth that when we come together to share our story we are standing up to the Schoolyard Bully!

Take that Pancreatic Cancer!!

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