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Friday, March 29, 2019

Home Run!

The cancer journey is a lot like baseball...

Each of us comes up to the plate alone.  We ready our bat, we face the ball, we prepare for the pitch.

But that treatment... that surgery... that test... Sometimes we swing and miss.  Or we hold back and then miss the perfect pitch. The ump yells too loud... our Strikes pile up.  The smile wavers... Hope is fragile, Joy slips away.

Every cancer patient has days like these.

We're tempted to give up... for how many strikes can one person endure?

May I encourage you to hold fast and trust in the next pitch?  The game's not over.  Your team is cheering you on.  You truly do not face the plate alone...

When you swing and miss, just remember that every strike brings you closer to the next Home Run...

So, let's Ready our Bats, take a Deep Breath, Face the Ball and Hit it out of the Park!

My Love, Always,

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