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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Wearing Purple Proudly This Day...

 because today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day!

Join us today...

Turn the World Purple
to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer!

We can make a difference when we join our resources together
and fight as one

And that begins with knowing the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer...

The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition has gathered over 80 organizations in a global initiative to raise awareness, share knowledge, and unify their collective voices to end pancreatic cancer.

Join us today for World Pancreatic Cancer Day to make a Difference...

Whether you wear purple to spark a conversation, help fund research for new treatments, or share the knowledge you have learned about early detection, it's about time we stand up and make a difference...

Because Every. Moment. Matters.

My Love,

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