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Saturday, July 30, 2022

How do you Fight this Fierce Battle?

For Diane Ronnau, veteran Producer at CBS news, she faced her pancreatic cancer battle with grit, humor and a healthy dose of balance and perspective.

She passed away last weekend, July 23rd, 2022, after facing down her cancer for 16 years. 

Much too soon. 

She left us a gift in her living... a road map of sorts as we all face our own chaos... in this fiercest of battles, she refused to be defined by cancer, rather she let family and love be the ultimate reward.

In 2007 she shared her thoughts with Sandra Hughes:

"The truth is sometimes you do things because you have to do them.  I am sick, but I also have responsibilities.  I have a family, I have work, I have to do those things.  As much as I was extremely worried by being sick, I also wanted to participate in the rest of my life that I am very attached to."

The tributes have poured in... she was loved by many.  In her line of work, words are currency.  And these words speak to the life she lived and the people she touched.

We are richer for the life she lived.

When words escape us... may love speak the cries of our heart.

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