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Monday, May 27, 2024

A Memorial Day Memory...

His name is Caleb Lufkin.  He was serving in Iraq in the spring of 2006 when an explosive device hit his Humvee.  He was 24 years old...

His story could be told a thousand times over in the lives of so many service men and women throughout the years.  But Gratitude runs deeper for the heart-ache this one soldier leaves in his wake, for...

His mother is our cousin, Marcy.

Caleb is one of our own.  His sacrifice was ultimate...for our Freedom.
His loss sears our very hearts.

May we always remember that
Freedom is never Free.
Thank you, to each and every Veteran for your Ultimate Sacrifice...
your devotion to God and Country, steadfast and honorable,
an inspiration and a gift.

And thank you to the family, friends and loved ones whose sacrifice continues to this day.
We honor your loss and your heart-ache...
May God shower Blessings of Abundance on you,
Moments of Peace, Memories of Love, Mercy-Gifts of Hope

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