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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Brave New Endings!

Yesterday we shared about the hope that cancer success stories bring...

Today we celebrate those successes in Felicity's story!

Pancreatic cancer survivor, Felicity Corbin shares her story here.

Felicity was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003.  She survives today and pays it forward by sharing her story over and over!

She began an educational website and offers her Get Well Stay Well courses to address the causes of diseases and the ways we can strengthen our immune systems and eliminate disease in our lives.

Felicity is a passionate spokesperson for taking responsibility for our health and she leads with grace and confidence.

Her approach to treating her cancer is one of courage and perseverance.  She chose to use the best of both natural and conventional medicine.  This is called Integrative medicine, and several years ago we shared a post on her general treatment plan...  it is filled chock-full with hope and honest-to-goodness success.

If you are walking this cancer road, be encouraged.  There are survivors.  Cancer does not always win.  You need to hear that today.

Your story is still being written.  And the ending can be more amazing than you could ever imagine...  

Here's to a Brave New Ending to your Beautiful Story!

My Love, Always,

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