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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Just Survive Somehow!

Any Walking Dead fans out there??

Yes, I will admit... a slight obsession with the show :-)

There is one character on the show who has a very terse mantra:

"Just Survive Somehow"

Enid had lost both her parents and was alone in a world of zombies (I know... great story line, right?! Lol!)

When Rick's group found her she had trouble trusting in the safety they offered.  She had been surviving on her own for too long...and constantly retreated back into her JSS mindset.

But Just Surviving isn't really living.

As a cancer warrior, we sometimes find ourselves in the Just Surviving Somehow mode.  The cancer treatments, the nightmare side effects, the poor prognosis... it's a death spiral.  And that's the truth.

How can you even begin to think about really living?

Yesterday we allowed the Sadness of a cancer diagnosis to find space... to be open and honest about the emotions and heartache we feel.  Cancer is hard.  There is no easy path.  It is suffering in spades.

Winston Churchill speaks to the suffering:

We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself
the means of inspiration and survival.
~ Winston Churchill

Perhaps, you are reaching deep through the heart of suffering even now, looking for inspiration and survival.  It is the Hope that anchors us.

Another wise warrior challenges us to go beyond Just Surviving:

Surviving doesn't mean just staying alive...
it means LIVING to your potential.
~ Antionette

So... where are you tonight?  
Ready to do some Living?
If we're on this side of the dirt, then there's living to be done.

May your surviving turn into more than just hanging on,
but truly Living up to your

All My Love,

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