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Monday, October 1, 2018

Stories of Love ... And how Cancer Shapes the Journey

Years ago I became enamored with a news series called Everybody Has a Story.

It was anchored by Steve Hartman and featured amazing, ordinary-extraordinary men and women with moving stories.

What made the series so riveting to me was how Steve found these stories... Each week a dart was thrown at a U.S. map and Steve went to the town so chosen, scrolled through the white pages and randomly picked a house.

Once at the house, he and his cameraman succeeded in convincing the homeowner that they were not crazy, or stalkers or serial salesman, and proceeded to uncover the story... a story that most of those interviewed demurred, insisting that they didn't have a story to tell.

Just ordinary, everyday people... no heroes, or celebrities, or superstars.

And yet, week after week, the stories that emerged were inspiring, poignant and heart-warming.

Like the shy, young veteran who spoke for a nation...

or the story of Suzie who believed she was boring, yet brought me to tears as her selfless story of love played out in real life . . .

Steve has shared that "working on this project has forever changed how I look at people.  It's impossible now to walk past anyone and not realize that every single person is unique and has something worthy to say."

Powerful stuff right there...

Through the years, I have become a believer in the truth that Everybody has a Story... and I have also learned that cancer can shape and change that story.

Each journey is unique and different.  Yet they each carry a strong thread of hope, and love and determination.

This month we join with thousands of other writers over at Write 31 Days to share these powerful stories of Love and Resilience and Hope in the face of a ruthless Cancer diagnosis and how it can shape the journey... the grief and sorrow and pain, yes, it is part of this hard road, but the love and power and heart, they are so very much a part of the struggle as well.

It all shapes the journey and carves out the story of our lives...

Join with us over the next 31 days to be encouraged by the amazing, very-extra-ordinary men and women who humble me, inspire me and motivate me every single day!

You just might find it changes how you live out your story too...

Day 1    Stories of Love Intro
Day 2    The Cancer Warrior
Day 3    Now this is Hope!
Day 4    Turning your Cancer Team Upside Down
Day 5    Defying Pancreatic Cancer and Embracing Life
Day 6    Living Proof!
Day 7    Sunday Inspired ... Hope
Day 8    When our Cancer Journey Doesn't End with Happily Ever After...
Day 9    ChemoCar and the Bolster Family
Day 10   Frank Germano Survives Pancreatic Cancer
Day 11   The Cost of this Pancreatic Cancer Journey
Day 12   The Weapons we Fight With!
Day 13   Warrior Song
Day 14   Sunday Inspired ... Courage
Day 15   Worth Fighting For
Day 16   The Celebrity Faces of Pancreatic Cancer

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