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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Remembering Poppy

 It has been one year since I've heard his voice, or seen his smile...

The missing is always there,
the turn of a thought, the sight of that photo album of our last cruise together,
or the glimpse of his favorite iris blooming now in our front garden...

But then there are days.
Days when the remembering is especially poignant. 
These "anniversaries" are hard...
And each step is a part of this grief journey, I know that.

But oh, we miss the phone calls,
the traveling, the jokes, the stories,
the hugs, and boy, that smile.

What I would give for heaven's veil to part
for just a moment and see his face...

And I've decided that the remembering helps with the grief. Truly.

We have been loved so well and it serves us up a huge helping of joy to reminise over the years we have had with Dad.

Even his quirks made us smile today
and we just had to stop at his favorite Burger joint for a bite to eat ;-)
Comfort food for a day like today!
(And he was right, their fries are really the best, just sayin')

Oh, Dad, we miss you so...
We cherish the legacy you have left us.

We gladly become the Rememberers,
it is a gift to be yours.

My Love,

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