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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Way of the Bee...

We love our honey bees!

And the sweet gift from each hive!

That delicious elixir is the result of very focused, very hard work.  Here's a little Bee Trivia for you... Throughout their entire lifespan of 6-8 weeks, a single worker bee will only produce about 1/12th teaspoon of honey.  And they work night and day for those precious drops of golden sweetness!

Every hive has an amazing hierarchy, starting with the Queen Bee.  She runs the roost, and in an average hive, she will have between 20,000 and 80,000 worker bees at her command.

Some guard the entrance of the hive, some attend to the queen's needs, others clean the honeycomb cells for the queen to deposit new eggs, still others become the nurse bee workers to raise the larvae, feeding them the honey and pollen stored up in the hive and some even work as the hive pallbearers, removing dead bees from the hive when necessary.

But the vast majority of the worker bees are foragers.  They are the breadwinners of each hive.  They are bringing home the bacon (uhhh, nectar) for their queen.

The foragers will fly up to 3-5 miles from the hive searching for nectar and pollen.  Once they find it, they load up all they can carry and take it back to the hive and drop it off.  Then the worker bee turns around, flies out of the hive and begins the hunt all over again...

It has been estimated that it takes over 500 bees gathering nectar and pollen from upwards of 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey... Crazy!!

The foragers will fly hundreds of miles per day, every day, seeking nourishment for their hive, until their wings are torn and tattered.  Each worker bee will forage until they collapse from sheer exhaustion. It is a single-minded pursuit.

They are working to lay up food and provisions for the next generation.  Every mile the honey bee flies, every load they haul back, every precious bit of nectar they turn to honey is laid up for the ones that follow behind...

Pure Heart... Such Truth... So much to learn from these little bees!  Every thing that a worker bee does is for the future and hope of the hive.  

Each little honey bee has a God-gifted, God-directed need to complete their mission. And nothing can deter them... We call it the way of the Bee. 

And we might learn a thing or two from those sweet honey bees... here are some of the lessons we've been applying to our lives lately...

1.  Stay in your lane and do your one thing well.

2.  Commit to your work no matter how big or how small.

3.  Step up for the good of the team, knowing that Working Together sustains one another.

4.  Choose to leave a legacy of Hope for those who follow behind.

5.  Spread Kindness wherever you go and Blessings will blossom as a sweet reward.

6.  Never doubt the importance of your One Life.

In Grace Today,
My Love, Always,


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