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Sunday, May 9, 2021

A Mother's Day Prayer

 Beautiful words... Gentle Inspiration from Kay Warren:

"Father, What a beautiful day to remember and celebrate mothers.

We are in awe when we stop and think about the power women have to imprint the lives of the children placed in their care. What a privilege! What a responsibility!

God, thank you for the mothers you gave us. We’re thankful for the ways they shaped us in healthy, positive ways, and we forgive them for their mistakes. We choose to focus on the fact that you used them to create us and give us life.

Thank you for the embracing arms of the women who weren’t our mothers but who loved us like we were their own.

Be near to those longing to be a mom, those grieving the loss of a child, and those missing estranged children; we trust them and their future to you.

God, for those who are in the midst of mothering right now—
give them courage to make hard decisions;
give them tough skin so that they can resist the pressures of our culture to compromise godly values;
give them physical energy and stamina to outlast even the busiest teenager;
give them wisdom beyond their own ability to know when to listen and when to speak;
give them faith to steer their children to a personal and vibrant faith in Jesus.

Please give all mothers joy in shaping the lives of their children, hope in their dark days, and above all, love that is willing to sacrifice.

We love you, Father! Amen"

Happy Mother's Day to each one,
Trusting your day has been filled with tender mercies
and sweet gifts to fill your heart.

My Love, Always,

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