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Sunday, June 20, 2021

When Father's Day Changes...

 Pancreatic cancer has taught us many lessons, not the least of which is how quickly our days can change... there is a fragile strength in accepting the uncertainty of our tomorrows.  And the richness of knowing how precious our todays are...

Last year I couldn't even post a Father's Day tribute.  Our loss was still too fresh.  Father's Day brought memories that were held captive by the isolation of a Covid-19 quarantine.  No arms to hold us, no gatherings to share stories, laughter and tears together... just memories that deafened. And hearts that ached.

Time softens the memories.  Hearts warm as stories from the past tickle our funny bone bringing easy smiles and deep joy.  Dad's legacy lives on in our little ones.  Their carefree celebrations tug us into our today.  Fishing from the banks of Brushy Creek, squealing with delight on the wild gator rides, and hugging necks, oh, so hard.

We are learning that honoring a Father can change with the seasons ...  And there is beauty in this season.  Dad would want nothing less than to see his family celebrate a day with steaks on the grill, laughter on our lips... and love in our hearts.

He is still so missed.  And that will never change, but he and mom taught us to live life well and that moves us through the grief into joy.  

And I know that not every one will find joy in this day.  You may be in a season of grief and loss that is just too fresh, too sharp.  Your story may not have room for forgiveness yet, hearts may be sorely tested and near broken.  There is pain in this life that words cannot free.  Only Love can do that. 

May you feel held close this day, for you are loved deeply no matter where you find yourself on this journey.  Praying that you will be encouraged with an eternal Hope in brighter tomorrows. 

My Love, Always,


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