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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Personal Update...

 This is a month I never wish to repeat.

C*vid finally made a house call, despite all our mask-wearing, social-distancing precautions...

Thankfully I am doing well now, but it knocked me down and out for the last few weeks.  And just for the curious, mine was not a normal case (is there such a thing?)  I truly thought I had a severe case of food poisoning!

I will spare you the details, but the gastric distress was immediate and abundant... within days I was in the ER dehydrated, unable to even keep water down.  Not Fun!  But there was no respiratory involvement, no shortness of breath, no high fever, no cough and no congestion... for this I am so thankful.

And even more thankful that my case was isolated.  No one else in the family was affected.  So, so thankful.

We were surrounded by the prayers of so many.  Meals were brought and left on our truck's tailgate, uplifting texts and cards encouraged us, and one intrepid and loving daughter braved the quarantine and dove into the midst of the sickness to help and love us.

So very, very Thankful.

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