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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

When the News is Devastating...

This has been a hard couple of weeks.

The news of wars abroad and wars at home.  The taking of innocent lives, the murder of children, right here in America.

Worry can consume our days.  Cancer compounds the fear.  It's a slippery slope... we can so easily get sucked into a vicious cycle of heartache and hurt.

And in the midst of it all, a time for Remembrance.

Memorial Day.  A Day to Honor, to Remember. To give thanks that another would lay down their life for ours.

There is still hurt.  And heartache.  And even worry.  We feel things deeply... the love and the pain.

To give space for the honoring, we're making a choice.... to be mindful of our Time, to hold some boundaries for Hope. And to choose Kindness in a world gone mad.

Turn off the news.  Put down your phone.  Lift up your head.  Get your house in order.

And pray.  Oh, loved ones, we have to pray.  Only God can heal our brokenness.

Only Jesus can mend our torn and weary hearts.

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