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Friday, September 29, 2023

Walking through Heartache...

 These past 2 months have been dogged by death.  We have sorrowed and mourned the passing of dear loved ones...

A nephew.

A brother.

A cousin.

A friend.

The sorrowing has been a dark trial and the walk has been hard.  Each death buried us a little deeper in pain. 

To be sure, grief has worn tracks on our heart this summer.

Their smiles shine from the pictures and leave us wanting more time with each one.  The love and friendship will not be replaced this side of heaven.  And that is something we mourn each day. 

There is no easy way to walk this road.  We will grieve and miss them the rest of our days.

We have found ourselves quieting in this season.  The loss feels too great.  Words can't touch the heartache.

And so, we rest on the only truth we know.  That God walks with us.  He catches our tears and holds us in our sorrow.  We do not grieve as those with no hope.  And that will be the light for our path when the way is dark.

Our great grief bears witness to a great love.
God knows our heart.

Remembering and Honoring these cherished men tonight.

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