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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Rise Up...

Beautiful words from a heart that knows sorrow...

Allison speaks hope into the grieving, when our worlds turn upended... is this how we saw our life playing out?  The hard, the hurt...the unwanted lines of our story?  

Read on and be encouraged.  God is with you, even as the battle rages...

"What if this really hard thing you're walking through is actually what’s needed? What if the waiting room you’re sitting in is where you need to be? What if that one crumbling, difficult relationship is actually the one you're supposed to pay attention to?

Without that thing, that room, that person, your life cannot become what God intends it to be.

Because you are more than your diagnosis. More than your grief. More than your inconveniences, your heart break, and your fears.

You are embodied Light, Goodness, and Mercy. And there is no place, no person, no thing where that Trinity is not needed. No place He will not go for you, for them.

Without the diagnosis, I would be no writer. Without a long form, living grief? I would have no dependence on Jesus. Without battle after battle, I would not bear light in broken places.

In the unwanted lines of this story, He is writing greater things. And not just for my good. But a greater story for His glory, in all places, for all people.

He is rewriting others’ stories because of you. Rise up. Gather heart and courage. Know that even as the battle rages, He is with you. And Jesus with you is greater than anything else we could acquire. Greater than any fabricated story book ending. He is greater and He is with you. Rise up."

So Rise up.  Gather heart and courage.  Your story is still being written and God has the pen.  I have a feeling there is a beautiful ending in store!

My Love, Always,

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