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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Goodbye 2023!

 One last thought as December brings the year to a close...

And I like the thought behind this meme.  In general, it's refreshing to declutter and delete things that don't add value to your life... but... then there's the world of Cancer.

Not so simple.  If we could just hit the delete button and start over.  Remove the cancer and all the ensuing battles, the heartache and the pain.  

As we all know, all too well, there is no Delete button. Sigh... So, where do we go on this last day of December?  Closing the chapter on 2023 and heading straight into the unknown of 2024.  A blank book... an unwritten story... 

I have decided to add another word to the list.

De-voted.  Like being devoted to the things and people that matter.  The passions and the dreams that drive our decisions.

Devoting ourselves to living our lives well... De-spite the baggage of a cancer diagnosis.

Join me in bidding 2023 adieu and facing 2024 with a De-votion to all the things that matter most.

That will lead to a live de-finitely well lived!

My Love, Always,

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