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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hitting the Pause Button...

Right here... in the middle of our 31 Day Challenge, we are hitting the Pause Button...

And taking Dad on a trip.  The kind of trip that makes breathing easier and living richer.  It has been a hard year and it's time to redeem those miserable, gray days!

We are boarding the Celebrity Summit today for a 7 day cruise in the Southern Caribbean...

Dad and his kids, together, celebrating life with all we've got!

It is his favorite thing to do... and we are planning on some legacy living out on the high seas :-)

Pictures and stories sure to come in the days ahead.  And while we're taking a Pause on this 31 Day Challenge, there is so much still to share on The Truth About Cancer.   We will be back in 7 days to finish up what we've begun... promise!

Until then... Bon Voyage and Happy Sailing!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dirt Cheap!

I've always loved a bargain.

Especially when it's unexpected and you just happened to be at the right place at the right time?  Don't you want to tell everyone?

Well, the Dirt Cheap Protocol is sort of like that...

It's unexpected (as in a cancer treatment that's cheap???)

I just happened to be at the right place at the right time (The Truth About Cancer documentary)

And I sure want to tell you all about it...

This alternative treatment plan is actually a multi-step process designed mostly for patients who can't afford or choose not to use more expensive treatments or protocols.

From what I can tell in researching the Dirt Cheap Protocol it definitely is much more economical than many treatments, running in the neighborhood of $500-600/month.

So what exactly is this ridiculously cheap and unusually named treatment?

It was designed by R. Webster Kehr and here at his link he shares a little more about the protocol:

"Cancer is caused by microbes that are INSIDE the cancer cells. SEVERAL of the treatments in this protocol are designed specifically to kill microbes inside the cancer cells to revert the cancer cells into normal cells. This can be done quickly and safely.

Fighting cancer is like fighting a fire. The more fire trucks you have the better the chance to put the fire out. In this protocol, you have an unlimited number of “fire trucks” at your disposal to deal with the cancer.

Many of these “fire trucks” are trying to do the same thing – kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. But other individual treatments in this protocol are also killing cancer cells and are doing other things such as building the immune system.

When using this protocol, because so many individual items are being used, it is important to follow these two rules:
  • At least 14 items which are actually part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol must be included,
  • Use only ONE highly alkaline protocol per day.
The patients need to use a combination of very inexpensive protocols which individually, and collectively, are very effective against cancer. That is what this protocol is all about.

Literally, this protocol is a list of highly effective, but dirt cheap, alternative cancer treatments!! However, there is a lot of synergism built into these protocols making this protocol far more effective than its individual parts!!

As with any “protocol,” a person should take ALL of the individual treatments every day. If you cannot obtain one or two of the products, for any reason, use all of the individual treatments that you can obtain!!
This protocol is not a Smorgasbord, it is a complete cancer protocol.

Some of the items that can be included in this overall cancer therapy are:

The Kelmun protocol (baking soda/maple syrup)
Beta Glucan
Kelley Metabolic Protocol (recommended for pancreatic cancer patients)
Three Honey Protocols (using the honey with turmeric, ginger and cinnamon)

Somewhere in the middle of Webster's detailed article on the Dirt Cheap Protocol he includes the following piece of advice:

"When using this protocol it is very important to designate someone in the family to really study this protocol and all the options that it has. Someone also has to keep track of what is actually taken."

I would highly agree!  It has taken me the better part of the day to read through and research this one, deceptively simple, but unquestionably powerful treatment!

And that's a Dirt Cheap bargain for today...

Love you,

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Everything but the Kitchen Sink...

Over the past few weeks we've spent much of our time researching the Top 3 Alternative Pancreatic Cancer Therapies (according to Jane, you know, nothing scientific, just researching our hearts out and hearing good news with these 3, lots of good news, as in survivors... cancer survivors...thus the list of the top 3)

But The Truth About Cancer documentary was filled with a wealth of information, more than just these 3, for patients desiring a more natural, non-toxic treatment for their cancer.

I couldn't possibly do justice to all that information in this 31 Day Challenge... trust me, you want to watch the documentary for yourself!

However, there are just a few therapies and treatments that deserve mention here.  Let me run thru them quickly (Farmer husband laughs...) and then include links for you to research more in depth should the protocols interest you.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is a treatment where high levels of oxygen are put into the body to treat the cancer.     Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize winner) was the one who discovered that cancer cells could not survive when in contact with oxygen.  Because cancer cells are anaerobic, they will die when exposed to oxygen.   The two best known and most effective methods to inject oxygen into the body are Infusion Bottle and Ozone IV, both of which must be administered by a medical practioner.

There are several clinics that offer these Ozone Therapy treatments:

New Hope Medical Center

The Nevada Center

Hope4Cancer Institute

Thermal Therapy

Thermal Therapy (also called Hyperthermia or Thermotherapy) is a type of cancer treatment in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F). Research has shown that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, usually with minimal injury to normal tissues.  By killing cancer cells and damaging structures within cells, thermal therapy may shrink cancer tumors.

And here's an interesting article at Pancreatica on Microwave "Surgery" for Cancer of the Pancreas.

In Ty Bollinger's book The Truth About Cancer, he shares some very compellinging information about Thermal or Heat Therapy...

"You’re probably already familiar with what happens when you contract a serious illness and your body goes into hyper drive by reacting with a fever, or high temperature. This hyperthermic response is the body’s way of naturally fighting the infection, and contrary to popular belief, it shouldn’t be minimized with ibuprofen and other drugs because it’s a good thing, despite being uncomfortable.

As it turns out, hyperthermia is also beneficial in the treatment of cancer. In 1893, Dr. William B. Coley discovered how the body’s hyperthermic response to bacteria can also help kill cancer cells."

He finished with this quote from Parmenides, the famous Greek physician who more than 2,000 years ago demonstrated a solid understanding of heat therapy and its importance in warding off disease: “Give me a chance to create fever, and I will cure any disease.”

Here are a few of the clinics that offer Thermal Therapy for cancer patients:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Contretas Oasis of Hope Clinic

Black Seed Oil Extract

Black cumin seed oil has proven to have effective anti-cancer properties.  Black seed oil, also called Nigella sativa, works to inhibit cancer cell activity and can even kill some types of cancer cells. 

The extract from the Black cumin seed is called thymoquinone which has been shown to have powerful benefits for various inflammatory diseases including liver cancer, melanoma skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, stomach cancer, lymphoma, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and brain cancer.

Black seed oil extract (Black Cumin seed) has been proven to cure pancreatic cancer by killing off the existing cancer cells and preventing further growth. According to the study conducted in 2008, by Dr. Hwyda Arafat, Thomas Jefferson University , 80 percent of the pancreatic cancer cells were killed with the use of thymoquinone, an extract of Nigella sativa.

That's some powerful stuff!

The Nigella-Sativa website shares an abundance of information on this very intriguing protocol.


Curcumin is the yellow pigment extracted from turmeric and is one of three known curcuminoids in turmeric. Curcumin has demonstrated incredible anti-cancer benefits. In countries where people eat turmeric daily at about 100 to 200 mg (roughly 1-2 teaspoons) over long periods of time, research has shown there to be lower rates of certain types of cancer, including pancreatic cancer.

In fact, over 2,000 published studies have shown curcumin (turmeric) combats cancers of the breast, prostate, liver, colon, lung, pancreas and more. Many of these studies have shown curcumin actually stops cancer cells from dividing. Curcumin has also been shown to trigger apoptosis, or programmed cell death, which is the body’s natural and necessary way of ridding itself from damaged cells.

Curcumin is not soluble in water, only in fat. Therefore, it’s best to combine turmeric with a healthy oil such as extra virgin olive or coconut oil whenever possible in recipes.

When combined with other powerful nutrients such as fish oil, olive or coconut oil, and/or black pepper, curcumin’s anti-cancer effects are further amplified as it becomes more readily available to the body.

I am reminded of Hippocrates wise statement  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Over at Chris Wark's website ChrisBeatCancer, he highlights the Top Four Cancer Fighting Spices and Curcumin (turmeric) takes a leading role.  Definitely worth investigating.  Not only is it delicious, but it's healthy!

And so I leave you with those small tidbits of info today ... with my stomach growling I'm thinking it's time to go dig out some Turmeric and start spicing up my life just a bit!

My Love,

P.S.  The Truth About Cancer documentary is airing again, beginning November 1st.  Trust me, you don't want to miss it!  Go here to sign up (for free) to watch this amazing collection of holistic, integrative specialists share their wisdom and hope for beating cancer!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Little Good News...

... and a little bad news...

You know yesterday... when we were getting all excited about Rigvir, the promising new virotherapy treatment for cancer.

Well, it's all still good, the part about Rigvir still being a promising new virotherapy treatment for cancer... Whewww!  I was just a little worried there.

But, the bad news...

It is only being offered in a few select places around the globe.  Like Latvia, Georgia (as in the country, not the state) and Mexico.  Which of course, I guess, is only bad news if you don't live in Latvia, Georgia or Mexico.

As I watched The Truth About Cancer documentary several months ago (you know, the one that prompted this 31 Day Challenge...yes that one!) one of the doctors interviewed was Dr. Antonio Jimenez...

An amazing communicator, as well as a dedicated holistic doctor, Dr. Jimenez founded the Hope4Cancer Center in Baja California, Mexico... and his clinic has recently begun to offer the Rigvir protocol among other natural, non-toxic therapies.

One of their patients, Rivi, shares her story with the devastating diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and her journey with Hope4Cancer:

"SAN DIEGO, May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "She has no evidence of cancer of any kind!" In the encouraging wake of her doctor's words, Rivi Litvin stepped out of a leading Los Angeles hospital, knowing that her prayers had been answered.

A year earlier, in September 2012, Rivi approached her doctors with persistent symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea and jaundice. Their fear that these may be symptoms of pancreatic cancer were realized when imaging confirmed the presence of the disease in her bile duct and pancreas.

Five-year stage 4 pancreatic cancer life expectancy is dismal (between 1 to 15%). Rivi opted for the Whipple procedure, during which her gallbladder and parts of her pancreas, liver and duodenum were removed. But her cancer roared back within 4 months, now spread to her liver. She was given 6-12 months to live.

A teacher of Jewish faith and a woman of unshakeable determination, Rivi, with her daughter Tova, searched everywhere for options. One clinic in Mexico stood out in the crowd. The moment she met Hope4Cancer® Institute's Medical Director, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, Rivi knew that her search was over.

Hope4Cancer® is known for its principle-based approach to integrative medicine. They offer non-toxic, whole body personalized treatment programs that include cancer busters such as Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hyperthermia and the Latvian cancer virotherapy, Rigvir®. A"Pac-man"-like non-pathogenic virus, Rigvir® seeks and destroys cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched.

Rivi's personalized program strangled the blood supply feeding her liver lesions. By September 2013, the lesions had become undetectable.  Her Los Angeles doctors confirmed: there was no trace of cancer!

April 14, 2014.   Rivi invited Dr. Jimenez and some of his colleagues to her home where she hosted a Passover Seder feast. For hours, her fascinated audience heard her share the philosophy of Passover.  Her palpable gratitude filled the room as she shared how the plague of cancer had, for a seemingly endless moment, paused on her, only to pass her over.

Today Rivi is not just alive, but thriving.  Her Los Angeles doctors told her she did not need any further monitoring. But unwilling to be trapped in complacency, Rivi remains steadfast with her treatments, following the principles she learned at the clinic that helped save her life."

And I would call that a little good news!  Rivi is another pancreatic cancer success story.  Alive and thriving...

Do I know that Rigvir works for pancreatic cancer?  Not personally, no... However, if you ask me if I know that chemotherapy and radiation works for pancreatic cancer my answer would be a heartbreaking, very personal, NO...

As I have shared over and over, there are so few success stories when it comes to pancreatic cancer.  It is taking our loved ones at a staggering pace, too many and much, much too soon. 

Through our journey with mom, we have slowly come to believe that evidence-based medicine is described best by the pancreatic cancer survivors themselves.  In other words, what did you do to survive this horrific cancer... for me, that is evidence that it is working...and therapies that we need to talk about!

The bottom line here today?  Surviving pancreatic cancer is more than just a little good news... It is the very best news I can think of!  And definitely a little Hope for the journey

Graced to be walking this road together,

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rigvir... A Virus meant for Good?

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel.  A Star Trek-like medical miracle.  Inject a small amount of virus-rich serum into the patient and wait as it scouts out and attacks the cancer cells, leaving the host basically none the worse for wear... this cancer treatment sounds like a piece of cake!  

Is it even possible?

The Cancer Virotherapy Center says Yes!

It would seem that Virotherapy is ushering in a New Era in Cancer Treatment...

Starting to get just a little excited??

On the Cancer Virotherapy website this virus-attack method is described as "an effective cancer treatment that uses oncotropic and oncolytic (seek and destroy) virus with the ability of a virus to find and destroy malignant cells in the body. Virotherapy is gentle and safe treatment, it improves survival and quality of life of patients."

It is an exciting advance in the options for cancer patients and is definitely worth mentioning here on our 31 Day Challenge!

The developer of Rigvir, Aina Muceniece, shares his thoughts about the Rigvir treatment:

"To treat cancer with a virus is a fantastic idea which occurred in the beginning of the last century. Before the World War I, cancer was already treated with the rabies virus vaccine and other viruses. I managed to find a virus which is not dangerous for a man. Unlike the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy, this medicine does not leave such serious consequences in patient's organs."

And for a bit more in-depth explanation of the Rigvir treatment, here is an excerpt from Lee Euler at CancerDefeated:

"One of the world’s leading holistic cancer doctors, Tony Jimenez, M.D., was a featured speaker at the (Truth About Cancer) 2014 conference. He revealed a breakthrough in virotherapy, telling the audience: “You are the first people in the United States who are hearing this! This will blow your mind. I’ve never seen anything that produces results like this!”
The breakthrough is a “virotherapy” called Rigvir. It’s was developed in Latvia, where it has passed all phases of clinical trials on almost 2,000 patients. The results of the clinical trials are convincing and impressive. For example, stomach cancer patients in the control group had a 24 percent survival rate. The patients treated with Rigvir survived at double that rate –48 percent.
Rigvir was registered in Latvia in 2004 as an anti-cancer drug. A prominent Latvian oncologist disparaged Rigvir until he got cancer. After he used it to get rid of his cancer, he became one of Rigvir’s biggest cheerleaders.
Rigvir works on a wide variety of cancers including melanoma, colorectal, pancreatic, bladder, kidney, prostate, lung, uterine, lymphosarcoma, etc. It triggers an immune response and seeks and destroys cancer cells.
A virus that heals?
Viruses are harmful, right? Not always! Surprisingly, the Rigvir virus is found in the gut of healthy children. Rigvir is short for “Riga virus” — Riga being the capital of Latvia. Rigvir is a microscopic living organism with unique properties that kill tumors without hurting healthy cells.
After Rigvir invades the tumor cell, the virus replicates, causing the tumor cell to rupture and die. Rigvir breaks down cancer cells, stimulates the immune system to reject the tumor, and promotes apoptosis (programmed cell death, i.e., cancer cell suicide).
This is the polar opposite of chemotherapy drugs. Chemo impairs or destroys the immune system, while Rigvir boosts it.
Dr. Jimenez remarked, “I’ve been to 70 countries, and I’ve never seen a medicine that’s not a chemo drug that has so much research behind it. You can tell I’m pretty excited about Rigvir.”
Rigvir has none of the side effects of chemo. The only side effect that some people feel is a temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit that might last for three days. Concerning that side effect, Dr. Jimenez said, “Big deal.”
Dr. Jimenez decided to take Rigvir therapy for himself because it’s not harmful and because he thought it could benefit his health. He was already the picture of health and vitality before taking Rigvir. He said, “Within three days, tests showed a significant improvement in my immune system, which I thought was pretty good [in the first place]. This shows that we all have room for improvement in our immune system.” He didn’t get the mild, temporary fever side-effect.
Dr. Jimenez said, “Rigvir is a cancer medicine — a medication approved for cancer. It’s bionanotechnology — not an alternative, complementary medicine. It’s the most potent immune modulator I’ve ever seen.”

Maybe just a little excited??  Yes? {Me too!}
Grace and Hope mingle this night.  Praying for wisdom, discernment as we journey this cancer road... And Hope, Abundant Hope, to make light of the burdens we carry and lift our hearts to face the Son.

In Grace, Always,

Monday, October 17, 2016

One Tiny Apricot Kernel

Several days ago we had a chance to meet Felicity Corbin Wheeler and learn about her pancreatic cancer fight.  She shares in detail about her treatments and one in particular is the use of B-17, also known to many as laetrile, or perhaps you would know it as the tiny but powerful Apricot Kernel.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers has also walked the pancreatic cancer road with her father.  She too has much to say about the tiny Apricot Kernel.  Here's just a part of her story:

Apricot Kernels and Bitter Almonds Display Promising Effects

"In September of 1983 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was dead in 6 weeks. I remember the anguish and the frustration as the medical doctors offered no hope. I had been in practice for only 3 years and the Internet was nonexistent back then. But I recall going to the library to do research about healing cancer without toxic drugs or radiation. I also called "cancer clinics" all over North America and Mexico, trying to find a solution to my father's illness.

Thus began my quest to understand how to heal and prevent cancer

One treatment that stood out at the time was Amygdalin, the product that is produced from crushed apricot pits.

Amygdalin is not to be confused with Laetrile, also known as B17, which is a semi-synthetic patented version of Amygdalin.
Laetrile and Amygdalin have been used successfully around the world for the reversal of many types of cancer. The Hunza tribes in the Himalayans are virtually cancer free, which some have attributed to their daily consumption of apricot pits and millet, both of which contain amygdalin.
The apricot pits contain a compound called glycosides which are a combination of sugar and cyanide. What takes place here is what we call selective toxicity. A specific enzyme that is produced in large quantities by cancer cells, triggers the sugar break down that releases the cyanide. The cyanide is what kills the cancer cells.
But why are healthy cells not affected by the cyanide? Healthy cells have a specific enzyme called rhodanese, which renders the cyanide harmless. How's that for another amazing healing miracle?
Another way that amygdalin affects cancer cells is that it inhibits angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood flow as the cancer cells are growing and forming a tumor. If the blood flow to the tumor is blocked, the cancer cells die.
Amygdalin also suppresses inflammatory responses which lead to multiple diseases, including cancer.
Specific studies have shown how amygdalin induces apoptosis or cell death in prostate cancer cells, human colon cancer cells and in leukemia cells.
Amygdalin even inhibits the growth of the Epstein-Barr virus, which often induces tumor growth. The anti-tumor promoting activity of amygdalin and other compounds was studied in both in vitro and in vivo assays.
While administered specifically for cancer treatment, a wonderful side effect is that amygdalin actually helps relieve the pain that is often associated with aggressive cancers.
Laetrile can be administered orally in pill form or it can be injected into a vein. Typically the administration of Laetrile is spread out over a period of time. Unfortunately, because of manipulation of laboratory studies conducted in the 70's, Amygdalin and Laetrile are not readily available in the United States.  After all, healing cancer patients with a low cost nutrient would spell disaster for the multi-billion dollar cancer industry.
There are literally hundreds of known plant based cancer cures that have saved countless of lives. Unfortunately the masses are not informed of the many non-toxic ways to heal the body. However, as web sites like continue to inform and educate, hopefully the tide will slowly turn in order to make these modalities part of a harmless cancer protocol.

("© [Article Date] GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here

And here is an excerpt from The Truth About Cancer that also details the possible option of including Apricot Kernels in the cancer fight:

"Dr. Ernest Krebs was a biochemist in the early 1950s whose desire to understand what makes cancer cells work led him to discover a possible key to overcoming the disease. Working on a hunch that cancer is ultimately a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, Krebs began studying the lifestyle habits of the Hunzas whose remote country is hidden near Northern Pakistan.

The Hunzas and Apricot Kernels

Major Sir Robert McCarrison wrote about the Hunzas back in the 1930s when he had a post with the Indian Medical Service. According to McCarrison, the Hunzas enjoyed near-perfect physical and mental health and some of them lived to be over 135 years old. There seemed to be no evidence of diabetes, obesity, or heart attacks among them as well. There was also no evidence of cancer.
What made the Hunzas so resilient? Their vitality had a lot to do with what they ate and their overall lifestyle. Their diet was simple. According to McCarrison, it consisted of raw milk, the occasional meat and bone broth, fresh grains and veggies. They ate very little sugar and their lifestyles as nomads and herders meant they got plenty of vigorous exercise. The other characteristic was that the group ate large quantities of apricot seed kernels. Intrigued by this peculiarity, Krebs researched until he found what he thought was the secret weapon for tumor eradication – amygdalin.

What is Amygdalin?

Amygdalin is a compound that is found in over 1200 edible plants in nature (and, not surprisingly, is also missing in large part from the Standard American Diet). It is found in the highest concentrations and with the most effective accompanying enzymes in apricot seed kernels.
The substance laetrile was created by Dr. Krebs as a concentrated form of amygdalin that is obtained by extracting it from apricot kernels. Amygdalin is a nitriloside and its structure most resembles that of a B complex vitamin, so Krebs named it B17.

What Makes Apricot Kernels a Cancer Killer?

Amygdalin found in apricot kernels and laetrile contains four potent substances: two of which are benzaldehyde and cyanide. You heard that right! Cyanide is one of the substances that makes apricot kernels a force to be reckoned with when it comes to beating cancer, including breast cancer.
Many healthy foods, such as bitter almonds, millet, sprouts, lima beans, spinach and bamboo shoots, actually have quantities of cyanide in them, yet they are still safe to eat. This is because the cyanide remains “locked” within the substance and is therefore harmless when bound within other molecular formations. In addition, rhodanese is an enzyme in the body whose job is to “catch” any free cyanide molecules that may have escaped and render them harmless.
Cancer cells are not normal cells, however; they contain beta-glucosidase, which healthy cells do not. Beta-glucosidase is also the “unlocking enzyme” for the cyanide and benzaldehyde in amygdalin molecules. When the beta-glucosidase in a cancer cell unlocks an amygdalin molecule, a toxic synergy is created that specifically targets cancer cells. With the help of rhodanese and other protective enzymes, healthy cells are not jeopardized by this process.

Laetrile: A Potentially Powerful Cancer Therapy

Laetrile was readily obtainable prior to 1971 when the FDA banned it in the US. Although it is not impossible to obtain laetrile, these days apricot kernels are the easiest way to ingest amygdalin. They are easy to obtain at health food stores or online and are also fairly inexpensive.
Clinics exist outside of the US where B17 or laetrile therapy is still administered. Laetrile is often used in addition to other therapies such as sodium bicarbonate.
If you feel that B17 therapy is the way to go for you, be sure to get the facts about dosage and possible side effects. Talk to your integrated medical practitioner about your particular situation.
While the mystery may remain as to the main cause for the Hunza’s amazing vitality, one thing is for certain: their simple and stress-free way of eating, working, interacting and moving their bodies have made them examples of the health that YOU are capable of having when you take proactive steps to heal your body naturally."

I can't echo the following sentiment strongly enough...

If you feel that B17 therapy is the way to go for you, be sure to get the facts about dosage and possible side effects. Talk to your integrated medical practitioner about your particular situation.

This 31 Day Challenge set out to explore all the options in the cancer fight.  It is not medical advice or even our personal medical experience.  Mom never made it out of her chemo/radiation treatment long enough to try any of the options listed here.  It will forever haunt us... but also drive us to fight for the cure.

Graced this night to be fighting hard with you.