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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Closet Astronomer...

Y'all.  There was a total eclipse of the sun today!  Just in case you haven't heard about it yet...

Because I know that some news stations may not have carried the exciting news.  You know. Like they were living under a rock or something.

And it was crazy.  We were all telling each other 'Don't Look at the Sun.'  To be sure, that's good advice, but really?  Since when do I have to tell my peeps not to look at the sun?  You'll burn your retinas I say... I've never said that before, just wanted you to know.  I'm not a helicopter mom or anything.

But, truly, what a day!  We just had a total eclipse of the sun... well, we didn't have one here in North Texas.  It was just a partial eclipse.

The moon only blocked out 75% of the sun's glow.  And we sure waited for the moment we'd shiver in the dark... until we realized that the sun has the power of a kazillion mega-watts, even at 25% power! Who knew?

And so, here are the highlights of our exciting day...

Getting Poppy into position with our far-from-sophisticated Solar Pinhole Viewing Contraption...
Good news, he did not look directly at the sun.

Ignore the crude file folder and feast your eyes on that pinpoint dot!

It is a Solar Eclipse happening, for real!

And we didn't burn our retinas... because, we followed NASA's brilliant guidelines and DID NOT LOOK AT THE SUN!

But then I couldn't resist a selfie with the Eclipse...

But we all know my dismal selfie-abilities... thank goodness, my back was to the sun and my trusty  phone camera has a flip mode.
(Eyes were never in jeopardy, do not fear)

And that is a picture of the sun at full eclipse in North Texas.... Hmmm.... 
If I only knew what that little half moon blip was in the lower center of the frame...
 maybe Venus?  or Jupiter?  or the Gorgeous North Star? 

The astronomer in me has no idea.  

But I do know that in the year 2024, North Texas will be in the path of Totality for the next Big Solar Eclipse!  I feel a party coming on...

Join me?!!  Yes!
It will be Amazing!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Have this Hope

Because, sometimes, we need to be reminded...

When it feels like the night will never end..

Resolving to Trust His Grace...

"In the flood or fire, You're with me and You won't let go."
                                                       ~ Tenth Avenue North

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Well, Hello Gentle Visitors...

Look who came visiting the lake place early this morning...

A quiet grace that brought a smile to my face.

May you find a little solitude to enjoy simple gifts this day.
Just a moment or two to be renewed and re-centered
for whatever may come your way...

My Love, Always,

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Know Your Tumor

Today I spoke with the sweetest thing... her name was Danielle.

She is a Patient Central Associate for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  She is smart, and compassionate and so encouraging.  She gave me hope.

Hope for the future.  Especially for the Pancreatic Cancer fighters.   Each one.  The families that are aching for some good news.  The patients who are struggling with a hopeless diagnosis and a nightmare of limited treatments.

Danielle told me about an exciting program that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is now offering called Know Your Tumor.

This service goes to the heart of what makes your pancreatic cancer tumor tick.

As Danielle explained, each tumor displays a personal signature of sorts, a biology that makes it unique.  With the Know Your Tumor protocol, the tumor is biopsied and profiled. Then their oncology team can make educated suggestions for treatment based on your tumor's profile... more precise, more personal, more positive.

Know Your Tumor is precision medicine and it is hope.

I can't encourage you enough to give the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network a call...

That call... it doesn't cost you a thing... and it just might give you the encouragement to take the next step in your journey, turning the fear and confusion into a fight with purpose and strength.  

Hope does that!

The Know Your Tumor service isn't a perfect match for everyone, but the thing is, the Patient Central Associates will take time to visit with you, find out where you are on your cancer journey and give you a range of options, which may include the tumor profiling or one of many other clinical trials.

Xan Harwood-Karlik has been where you are.  

He was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer in 2014.  Participating in the Know Your Tumor program gave his medical team the information they needed to make crucial treatment decisions.  Read his story over at the PanCan website and be encouraged!

Donna Robinson also has an incredible story... Her message for every pancreatic cancer fighter is "after diagnosis, be bold and be your own advocate." 

Thanks in part to the Know Your Tumor profiling, doctors were able to recommend treatments that shrunk Donna's tumor by 70%.  Her story is one of great Hope for every one of us in the trenches with this horrendous disease.

Know Your Tumor.  Another weapon in the war against Pancreatic Cancer.

It is Hope.  And in this fight, we need all the Hope we can grab hold of...

No one should face pancreatic cancer alone.  The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network gets that.  And is ready for your call, no matter how desperate, no matter how despairing... what are you waiting for?  Give them a call!

If you talk to Danielle, tell her I said Hi!

There is Hope... I can feel it rising up today!

My Love, Always,

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hope for the Journey...

Trusting in God's Faithful Promises.
He will never leave us, nor forsake us,
No matter what we face along the way.

We can journey on with Hope!

Prayers for each one struggling with
the ugly reality of cancer this night.
Might you feel His Promise, His Hope
giving you strength when all feels lost...

My Love, Always,

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th!

Praying your day has been filled with happy...

We have just spent a fast and furious weekend road-tripping to Illinois to visit a well-loved mother-in-law and celebrate this Independence Day with BBQ, family, and home-grown fireworks... our hearts are full!

Now to go crawl in bed and catch up on some shut-eye!

So blessed to live in the land of the Free
and the home of the Brave...

Our deepest gratitude to all the men and women
of our armed services who stand in the gap
to ensure our very safety
underneath this beautiful flag.

Happy 4th to each one!

My love this day,

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Shout Out to our Fabulous Medical Teams...

Sometimes our doctors, nurses and staff go unrecognized for the amazing, heartbreaking, compassionate job they do...

love this story from The MetaPicture:

These are the Little Things that Make

"Meet 9-year old Joshua.  He recently had to go in for surgery and was so nervous that he brought along his stuffed wolf.  The wolf had a tear in its leg, so Joshua asked if his doctor could do a wolf surgery too.  His parents said "no."

But when they walked into the recovery room to see their son, they discovered the little wolf laying next to him; this time, with a surgical mask, a little cast, and surgical quality sutures in his leg.

We think the entire surgical staff deserves some serious respect and love for this act of kindness."

I simply adore this.

Thank you to all our doctors and nurses and technicians and medical teams who minister over us,
this cancer journey we find ourselves on is not easy.
Your tender touch, healing words and solidarity in the fight
has made a Huge Difference.

You are a Gift!